Happy Mother’s Day!

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. Just now I went to Ipoh Parade and there was a show….. and demo by beauty shops, trying to sell us stuff to pamper our mothers. I overheard a woman telling her daughter that tomorrow is “HAPPY MOTHER DAY!”

Ipoh Parade, in conjunction with Mother’s Day, held a Mom on Parade, which is like a beauty contest for mothers. If not mistaken, they hold this yearly. I checked out the photos of participants and boy, they really do have the guts to join something like this. teehee! Participants ranged from 21 years young to 60 years old. I guess they could be any age as long as they are mothers.

Like I mentioned, there was a show and someone was singing a song. I don’t know who this is but she is beautiful, petite, and it seems that she is a household name. People were trying to take her photos, so I did too. Who is she? Is she famous? After her show, she signed autographs for her fans. I could not be bothered.

I have got more photos to show of other stuff but I will make a separate post in a day or two. Meanwhile, I would like to take this opportunity to wish my buddies Happy Mother’s Day. To Amy, sorry that you have to be away from your kids this Mother’s Day. To Samm, take the day off tomorrow la, k? To Doris, hope you enjoy your weekend in Singapore.

And to all my former classmates and schoolmates that I see on Facebook but did not contact, I see many of you are already mothers. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you.
With love

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