Hang Tuah Centre, Malacca

Hang Tuah Centre Melaka
Hang Tuah Centre

We dropped by Hang Tuah Centre during our excursion to Malacca recently, even though it was still in its final stages of completion. Hang Tuah Centre is only scheduled to open to the public in early August.

Hang Tuah Centre Melaka
Hang Tuah’s house

Known locally as Perkampungan Hang Tuah, this will be one of Malacca’s major tourist products. It’s actually still very new that there’s not much information on the internet.

Hang Tuah Centre Melaka
the warriors’ houses

Hang Tuah Centre, with its main house, and five smaller houses around it, in Kampung Duyung, is said to be located on the land that Hang Tuah, the Malay warrior and hero, trained his martial art, silat.

Hang Tuah Centre Melaka
magnificent architecture

The main house will have two separate galleries; Gallery Hang Mahmud and Gallery Dang Merdu, the latter named after Hang Tuah’s mother. There will also be a large auditorium at this Hang Tuah Centre.

Hang Tuah Centre Melaka
the grounds

The interactive Gallery Hang Mahmud will show the warrior aspect of Hang Tuah. This historical figure will also be shown in an epic battle with Hang Jebat, via an illusion technique called ‘Pepper’s ghost’.

Hang Tuah Centre Melaka
the patio

Gallery Dang Merdu, on the other hand, will showcase the softer aspect of Hang Tuah. Expect to see exhibits related to the social and cultural aspects of Hang Tuah at that time, including the Royal Parade.

Hang Tuah Centre Melaka
decorated steps

Meanwhile, for the five ‘rumah pahlawan’ (warrior’s home), each will display different kinds of items, from adventure to fashion and weapons.

Hang Tuah Centre Melaka
Hang Tuah costumes

While the facts and truth about Hang Tuah are arguable, this is heavily researched and PERZIM (Perbadanan Muzium Melaka / Malacca Museums Corporation), which is in charge of this major project, has been painstaking in getting details as accurate as possible about Hang Tuah as depicted in Malaccan History books.

Hang Tuah Centre Melaka
Hang Tuah tiles

Once Hang Tuah Centre is open to the public, a nominal admission fee will be charged to cover the cost of running the centre.

Hang Tuah Centre Melaka
Hang Tuah wall panel

Hang Tuah Centre (Perkampungan Hang Tuah)
Add: Kampung Duyung, Melaka.

Hang Tuah Centre Melaka

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