Gotong-Royong Taman SPPK, Ipoh

gotong royong Taman SPPK
1. gathering point in Taman SPPK, Ipoh

About 50 staff of Ipoh City Council got down and dirty at Taman SPPK to clean up the residential area, a routine programme across all residential areas in the city.

gotong royong Taman SPPK
2. Councillor En. Mohamad Annuar Bin Baharudin (in blue) supervising the work being done

Staff of Ipoh City Council gathered in front of the local mosque as early as 7.30am on Saturday morning to get the work over and done with.

gotong royong Taman SPPK
3. cut the grass

Also mobilised for the deed were four lorries, one backhoe and one pressure tanker.

gotong royong Taman SPPK
4. almost done

From these photos, you can see the progress and the difference Before and After time and manpower were put in into clearing the large drain. Syabas Ipoh City Council for keeping our areas clean.

Event: Gotong Royong MBI
Venue: Taman SPPK, Ipoh
Date: 19th Sept, 2015
Time: from 7.30am

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9 thoughts on “Gotong-Royong Taman SPPK, Ipoh

  1. this is a great project, sometimes we do this in our ngo in our neighbourhood too, it does create a great impact and awareness for people to keep the places clean

  2. Didnt really like Gotong Royong sessions back when i was in highschool because it always seemed like a punishment. I wish they would change the concept of kids today, to make is sound more rewarding. After all, by doing one good deed for the world, gotong royong is for a cleaner, better world 🙂

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