Clearing of Illegal Dump Site in Bercham, Ipoh

It’s not often that this blog highlights community issues because the main objective of the blog is to share with readers joyous occasions, beautiful places and interesting people.

MBI rubbish dump
1. council workers begin to clear the rubbish dump

However, today, I would like to give credit to the workers of Ipoh City Council for their effort in clearing up an illegal rubbish dump site along Hala Industri Bercham 3, Kawasan Perindustrian Bercham, Ipoh.

MBI rubbish dump
2. clearing the rubbish

When I say “effort”, it is because I have no faith that this dump site is cleared for good. It’s pathetic that we do not have the mentality to keep our own areas clean and think that we can dispose of our garbage as and where we deem fit, as long as it is far away from our own houses.

MBI rubbish dump
3. just a little bit more

One may argue that these workers are paid to do the work as property owners have already paid assessment tax to the Ipoh City Council.

MBI rubbish dump
4. almost done now

However, I believe that if we could free up their time and manpower to do unnecessary work like clearing an illegal dump site, if the locals did not start one in the first place, then these workers will have the time to take care of other more important work, such as clearing of clogged drains and fighting against aedes.

MBI rubbish dump
5. stop the illegal rubbish dumping – fine RM500

As you can see from these photos, clearing of this one dump site yesterday took one whole working day of twenty workers and also utilised two open-top lorries as well as other necessary equipment.

MBI rubbish dump
6. Hurray! It’s all clean now!

Mayor Dato’ Zamri bin Man’s motto for Ipoh Bersih, Hijau dan Maju should really begin from each individual.

Event: Clearing of Illegal Dump Site
Venue: Hala Industri Bercham 3, Kawasan Perindustrian Bercham, Ipoh.
Date: 28th Sept, 205
Time: from 8am

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10 thoughts on “Clearing of Illegal Dump Site in Bercham, Ipoh

  1. YAY to a cleaner world. I think its great that you managed to spread the word out. This post should be inspiring people to keep the world clean 🙂

  2. There are a lot of this in PH and it IS frustrating. It is indeed a waste that IPOH has to use a big chunk of manpower just to clear all those. People must learn and be disciplined enough to dump waste properly.

  3. Kudos to the Ipoh City Council workers! Now, I hope the area stays rubbish free and we Malaysians start looking for the proper areas to dispose of our garbage.

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