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Gotong-Royong Taman SPPK, Ipoh

Sep 22, 2015 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events
gotong royong Taman SPPK

About 50 staff of Ipoh City Council got down and dirty at Taman SPPK to clean up the residential area, a routine programme across all residential areas in the city. Staff of Ipoh City Council gathered in front of the local mosque as early as 7.30am on Saturday morning to get the work over and done ... continue reading »

pearl milk tea

I went to the night market at Taman SPPK on Thursday night. I actually had two choices; Taman SPPK or Silibin. Well, I decided to visit Taman SPPK simply because I haven't been there before. I should have chosen Silibin night market because unfortunately, these are the same vendors who trade at Taman Ipoh Jaya ... continue reading »

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