Fish Spa @ Kiulu River, Tamparuli, Sabah

fish spa
the suspension bridge to the fish spa

I guess fish spa is not uncommon for most of us. But have you had a fish spa session in a river? I don’t think many of us had been that fortunate to experience this. It’s no wonder it didn’t take much coaxing to get us to cross the long suspension bridge to try live fish spa first hand, at Kg. Poturidong in Kiulu, Sabah. By the way, Poturidong means “upright” in the Kadazandusun language.

fish spa
only eight persons each crossing

fish spa
extremely long way!

Before we entered the river, we were served a sumptuous lunch of local delicacies like stir-fried tarap, and a couple of dishes that looked like leaves and shoots collected from the nearby jungle. Even the rice was special. Known as “linopot”, the rice is wrapped in a leaf called “doringin”.

fish spa
linopot rice wrapped with doringin leaf

fish spa
stir-fried tarap

Soon after, we headed to the river, on the way buying fish feed for RM1 sold by the riverbank. We stood or sat in the river, scattering fish feed all over the water, trying to bait the fish. I didn’t feel any bite but some friends were squirming as they were bitten by the fishes. It felt more like a ticklish massage, rather than a painful bite.

fish spa
pinky shoots

fish spa
leaves as vegetables

It’s a pity that the fishes did not like my feet. My consolation is that I have clean feet! Haha! Still, I am not satisfied that I have lost out on that experience. I wish to return sometime in the near future!

fish spa
waiting for the fishes to bite

The fish spa here became popular some two years ago. Apparently, the most common species of fish are the gamata and palian, although there is a host of other species as well.

For further information, contact:
Ariffin Gadait (co-ordinator)
Tel: 019-8624585 (mobile), 088268473 (night)

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