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A Visit To Setiu Wetlands

Setiu Wetland
Nicki is extremely excited about the day’s adventure

Day 3 of our Terengganu adventure saw us taking yet another boat ride out at Pantai Penarik, Setiu, to check out the fish and oyster breeding farm! For anyone who likes fishing, this is the place to be. When you are satisfied with your haul, you can head over to the nearby resort, Terrapuri Heritage Village, to feast on ’em fish (mainly sea bass) and oysters!

Setiu Wetland
cruising along the river

Setiu Wetland
fish & oyster breeding farm

At the aquaculture farm, we were able to see for ourselves how fish and oyster are bred and raised for human consumption. A fish and oyster breeding farm isn’t somewhere that I would usually visit as a tourist but I am grateful for the opportunity here in Setiu, Terengganu.

Setiu Wetland
and a fish is caught!

Setiu Wetland
TV host, Wan Aliazar, poses with an oyster we harvested

On the way to our next destination, Terrapuri Heritage Village, we made a stop at Kampung Gong Batu to fulfil our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) duty by planting mangrove trees, where at the same time, we also learned about the importance of mangrove trees. Ecological-wise, besides protecting shorelines from erosion, they also serve as valuable nursery areas for fish and invertebrates, like shrimps and other crustaceans.

Setiu Wetland
two local women weaving baskets with nipah leaves

Setiu Wetland
my travel buddies doing their CSR duty by planting mangrove trees (L-R): Joven, Irnee, Fazz, Shallie & Syai

It took us city kids quite a while to plant those trees but it was a fulfilling task! Besides, we wanted to get things done quickly as we were all looking forward to lunch at Terrapuri Heritage Village. Yahoo!

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  1. Hi emily!

    Great blog! Currently me and my classmates want to organize a mangrove replanting activity as min CSR Project? Can we have the contact person details for further enquiries?


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