white water rafting

swift current

The Kiulu River in Tamparuli, approximately 1.5 hours by road from Kota Kinabalu city centre, was where we went for our white water rafting activity. Yes, it’s just a Class I – II river, but then again, it was the first time for most of us.

white water rafting

Bobby shows how it is done

I was quite apprehensive about white water rafting, being a non-swimmer. The current looked dangerous to me, but we had a professional raft guide who demonstrated rafting techniques and proper handling of rafting equipment before we went into the river. Fortunately, we also had a skilled captain, who helped us to enjoy the rapids as much as possible, without flipping our dinghy.

white water rafting

preparing to get into the river

It was tough work, even though we were working with the river current, and what a feeling of satisfaction upon reaching the ending point after almost 30 minutes of paddling. Everyone should try white water rafting as it is a good opportunity to bond with the other people in the dinghy and build team spirit.

white water rafting

and off we go!

I don’t have many photos to share in this post as I didn’t risk taking my camera into the river. Nonetheless, the memory is forever etched in my mind, and those who read this post are encouraged to create their own memories of white water rafting! An excursion in Kiulu River could cover up to 15km, the longest white water rafting stretch in Borneo.

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