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Mitabang Homestay @ Kg. Tulung, Kiulu, Sabah

Mitabang Homestay
Mitabang homestay community

The journey to Mitabang Homestay in Kg. Tulung-Mantob, in Kiulu, district of Tuaran, takes about an hour’s uphill drive, or two hours from Kota Kinabalu city centre. The ride reminded me of a drive up Cameron Highlands – rather exhilarating, I must say.

Mitabang Homestay
this is Kg. Tulung, Kiulu, Sabah

Mitabang Homestay
this way up

There are twelve homes participating in this Mitabang Homestay programme, but we only had enough time to visit one. Staying at Mitabang Homestay is quite an experience. As it’s on a hilltop, the air is fresh and the water, cold and refreshing. The people, from the Dusun tribe, are very friendly. I noticed that in Sabah, and not only here at the homestay, everyone has a ready smile. The Sabahans exude warmth.

Mitabang Homestay
living room

Mitabang Homestay

Homestays may not be suitable for everyone, but Mitabang Homestay is popular for those who would like to enjoy a “back to nature” holiday, without having to forgo the luxuries of modern amenities.

Mitabang Homestay

Mitabang Homestay
demonstrating how a village game is played

Mitabang Homestay overlooks the Kiulu River, vast green paddy fields and surrounded by undulating mountain ridges. Activities available here include white water rafting, mangrove tour and nature conservation adventure.

For further information and package arrangement, contact:
Ariffin Gadait (Co-ordinator Mitabang Homestay)
Tel: 019-8624585 (mobile), 088268473 (night)
Email: Ariffin.Gadait@sabah.gov.my
Website: Mitabang Homestay

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