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Drawing & Writing the New Year

A free online drawing & writing workshop with exercises & making sessions. Playful & interactive. Set intentions for the year. Make art!

Carla Sonheim and Chris Wells host this free online workshop designed to waken and inspire the creative self. Carla leads art workshops that are playful and warm and reminds everyone that drawing and painting can and should be fun. Chris leads writing workshops that are dynamic and deep; he prompts people to explore their creative selves and to dive into the practice of writing. This free online workshop will be part drawing exercises/part writing exercises with the first two hours toggling back and forth between the two, and the third hour dedicated to creating something new of your choosing in a timed session with live music accompaniment.

Reflecting on what the past year has been like and leave with some intention setting for making 2021 a creative year.

Special guests:
Bobby Lucy will share a few of his paintings.
Jeremy Bass will perform guitar music in the third hour.

You’ll be sent a Zoom link closer to the date of the workshop. Register here.

NOTE: The workshop will be recorded for those unable to attend.

With love

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