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Mandala Drawing Workshop for Beginners

Art is therapy. This event is for Art enthusiasts. It’s not important to be a pro at it but a little interest will keep you going.

The Mandala drawing Art workshop is suitable for all age groups and beginner friendly. It is a free Workshop, and yes! for all the four sessions.

“Patterns and Patterns together make a great Mandala‘’. It is well said that the very nature of Mandala is therapeutic. Each one creates one – a unique Art, so much so, that no two mandalas are alike. It reflects one’s inner self at the time of creation.

Mandala artist Priyanka will introduce you to Art as a therapy, as it has been for ages. She feels attracted to bright colours and their vibes. She personally finds it therapeutic and it has really worked for her. It’s appropriate to say it’s a meditation for an Art yogi.

Tools to be used – A4 size sheet, ruler, eraser, drawing compass, black sketch pen (optional). Keep them handy if you want to make Mandala with her.

Those who are not able to procure the required material to draw, may like to observe it only. It will be really therapeutic to watch the process of making an Artwork.

Priyanka is referred to as ‘CreativeMillennia’ – a self-taught and self-thought artist. Currently, she is based in Birmingham, England.

Workshop is on 10th Jan, 2021. Register HERE. For more info, feel free to write to her at creativemillenial2020@gmail.com

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