DIY Chinese Seal Carving Workshop

DIY Chinese Seal Carving Workshop

Get crafting at home, and learn more about Chinese culture.

Poetry, calligraphy, painting and seal carving are known as the four subjects of traditional Chinese literati research. Along with learning how to paint or write, it was considered important to practice and understand seal carving. The art of making seals combines calligraphy and engraving, with a history of more than 3,700 years.

DIY Chinese Seal Carving Workshop

Afraid of writing Chinese characters, or lacking professional tools? Don’t worry. Let’s step outside the traditional way of arts and do something relaxing and creative. Just come and join us. Everything you need is easy to find in your kitchen: a potato and fork!

Haihao will introduce us to the art and history of seal carving, and then show us step by step how to make our own potato carving.

You’ll need:
1 potato
Fork (to carve)
Pencil and black pen
Colouring: Ink or inkpad (colour of your choice), or
Colouring: watercolour paint (colour of your choice) & paint brushes
A4 paper, letter paper or anything you’d like to print on

Recommended for: Adults and young adults, no Chinese language experience necessary

Language: English

Workshop Leader: Haihao Zhao

Date & time: 30th October, 2021 (18:00 – 19:00 UTC+08)
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