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Dough Sculpture Display @ Kinta City

I went to Kinta City for shopping on Saturday and stumbled upon a Chinese Cultural show as a prelude to Chinese New Year where they have dough sculptures on display, making of dough sculptures of shoppers, Chinese painting and artwork, candy blowing and Chinese instrumental performance [on Saturday] and a Chinese drum performance [on Sunday], the same one which put up a performance during Chinese New Year last year.

When I was there on Saturday [5th Jan], I took the chance to take photos of these dough sculptures with my iPhone BUT they did not turn out sharp enough. So, I went there on Sunday [6th Jan] again with my [friend’s] Olympus specifically to take these photos. That’s the advantage of living in Ipoh. You can go anywhere every day and not feel like wasting half your life on the road!

Six-Girl Band

I am totally amazed with the fine craftsmanship showcased here. I believe that I have seen documentary shows on TV about dough sculpture too but I am not sure if these are the same people. Yes, the people here are from China too.


In the following two photos, you can see maidens entertaining His and Her Majesties. Right click on all these photos for full resolution pictures.

Entertaining the Court

More entertainment in the court

The “Third Prince” (I think) with Green dragon

Monkey God and Dragon

It’s too bad that the dragon here is white in colour. It would be more eye-catching if there is more colour here. Or maybe the dragon IS white in the Chinese legend?

Old-style “wet”

This is the ancient way of “wetting” in China. Let’s drink and be merry!

More old-style “wet”

This is a shot at the other side of the court. Be amazed by the little details that are applied on the dough people!

Streets of China

These two shots [above & below] are of the streets of China where you can see people selling produces and there is a textile shop, a dentist, someone carrying water and people walking about. On the other side (not in picture) we could even see a barber doing business.

Streets of China complete with trees!

Entertaining the Minister

This is the ancient style of entertaining the Minister or a high ranking official.

Wrestling for Minister – close up shot

All the above photos were taken through a plastic enclosure. Yes, these dough sculptures are so delicate they are all placed inside plastic casing. It makes shipping and handling easier too because I believe they travel and exhibit their skills all over the world.


With love

3 thoughts on “Dough Sculpture Display @ Kinta City

  1. I did take with iPhone on Saturday but the camera could not handle the macro shots. So I returned on Sunday with my Olympus SP-550UZ.

    All these photos were shot with the Oly. I have trashed those shots from iPhone. LOL

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