Aquarium at the Vet’s

Last year week, I was at my regular veterinary clinic to buy food for Snoopy. Snoopy is a high maintenance dog and his food can only be found at veterinary clinics because it’s prescription diet. BAH, it’s darn expensive but I still love him anyway.

I love to keep fishes but I hate the task of cleaning the aquarium up. I wonder why other people’s aquariums are so clean while mine was so dirty and stinky and I had to wash it at least once a week. What am I not doing right? I even had a black creepy sea creature that supposedly eats moss but all it did was get stuck onto the inside wall of the aquarium and not do its job right.

Now I have gotten rid of my aquarium since I could hardly spare the time to maintain it so what I do is just admire the aquariums of others!

That day, when I was there, I only had my Nokia E61i with me so I took the chance to shoot these photos while waiting to be served.

I would not say that I am disappointed with the quality of the photos since I have come to NOT expect anything from the camera of my mobile device. All I can say is that these photos are only good enough for web publishing but there’s still room for improvement. The full resolution shots are awful! Somebody, please tell me it is USER problem! The camera CAN’T be THAT bad?? Or am I expecting too much?
With love

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