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DiGi Celebrate Olympic 2008 With You @ Ipoh Parade

I was in Ipoh Parade a couple of nights ago, yes I am behind time, and chanced upon this event called “DiGi Celebrate Olympic 2008 With You”. I really did not understand how DiGi celebrate that with us, seeing that there was no appearance by BeiBei, JingJing, HuanHuan, YingYing or NiNi but there was this couple singing a few Chinese songs, solo and duet.

Being a banana, I have no idea who they are, how popular or what they are popular in. I don’t know what songs they sang but apparently, they were pretty famous songs seeing how so many people were able to sing along. How come no one took photos, eh?

I don’t even know if the songs were original compositions or if those were hits by famous singers from Hong Kong, Taiwan or China….. yes that’s how BANANA I am! Anyway, if you have any idea who these people are, I’d appreciate if you could kindly drop me a comment. Thanks!
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