Bonsai & Suiseki Exhibition @ Kinta City [Suiseki]

basket-carrying Suiseki

large crater Suiseki

Yes, finally, the second part of my post on the Bonsai & Suiseki Exhibition at Kinta City is up! This post will be solely on the Suiseki that was exhibited. Obviously, there were more but I only selected my best shots.

Suiseki that looks like a bull

necklace-wearing Suiseki

By the way, this exhibition is already over and the previous weekend that I was in Kinta City, DiGi was having a roadshow for its 3G internet broadband, their latest service.

Suiseki that looks like an animal

what does this Suiseki look like?

Unlike Bonsai, where I still know how to appreciate their “form”, I can’t see anything amazing about Suiseki. Probably because to me, stones are “dead”. I know they also have forms but then I think that it would create a better understanding for us if the organizing committee of this exhibition had posted an interpretation on each stone, and please, in English too!

this Suiseki looks like a rhinoceros or something

no idea what this Suiseki resembles

Anyway, even if I have no appreciation of such stones, I know there is a rather large following of Suiseki, especially overseas. I wonder if these exhibits are sold and if so, who would buy and how would the buyer cart it home? They look so heavy.

black Suiseki

Suiseki with a flower

With love

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