Exhibition: A Tin Mining Family @ Tin City Ipoh

Tin City Ipoh
tin exhibition @ Falim House

I visited this tin mining exhibition a few weeks ago, while it was being set up. I took a lot more photos than I am sharing today because I hope that by reading this post, your interest is piqued so that you would visit the exhibition personally.

Tin City Ipoh
some tin mining tools

This tin mining exhibition, which opens to the public from 12th May, 2013, occupies one wing of the Falim House along Jalan Lahat for three months only. This is a must-visit if you are interested in the tin mining industry in Kinta Valley, or the social history of Ipoh, and the heritage left behind by the more than twenty prominent tin mining families of this area.

Tin City Ipoh
The Story of Falim House

I believe many people who stay put in Ipoh have been touched by the tin mining industry in one way or the other. Therefore, we should take some time to read up on the rich history of Kinta Valley during the tin mining era, when we were once the top tin ore producer in the world.

Tin City Ipoh
Entrepreneurs & Philanthropists

This tin gallery has different sections according to the structure of the building. The main room is the “Mining Hall” while one room on its left is the “Towkay’s Lifestyle”. On the right of the mining hall features the “Old Hawkers of Malaya” and the “Silver Screen”. After all, the mining towkays owned four cinema halls back in those days.

Tin City Ipoh
photo corner

Meanwhile, another section is on the local transport, providing opportunities for visitors to take some photos at the various photo corners. History buffs would be happy to check out the corner that celebrates Fraser & Neave’s 100 years in Malaysia (1913 – 2013), or read about, among others, the story of Falim House, built by Foo Choo Choon, known as “The Richest Chinaman in the World”, in the early 1900s.

Tin City Ipoh
another photo corner

Event: Exhibition: A Tin Mining Family
Venue: Tin City, Falim House, Jalan Lahat, Falim, Ipoh.
Date: 12th May – 11th August, 2013
Time: 10am – 6pm

Admission is free-of-charge.

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