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Upcoming: Musical – Ipoh: Street, Sleek & Funky

The Perak Society of Performing Arts (PSPA) and Jabatan Kebudayaan Kesenian Negara Perak (JKKN) will jointly present a special musical titled, Ipoh: Street, Sleek & Funky. This is a story about friendships formed in the small town of Ipoh, once known as the “City That Tin Built”.


“Ipoh: Street, Sleek & Funky” tells of a time when families lived above their quaint colonial shop houses where they ran their businesses on the ground floor. Ipoh has always been well known for cultivating lifelong friendships. This city is where Ipohites still come home to revisit year after year bringing with them warm memories even though they have grown old and grey and have settled down with their family far away.

It brings to life the colourful street murals that have been beautifully painted on the walls of many old shop houses and back streets around Ipoh by local artist, Eric Lai.

one of the murals in Ipoh by artist Eric Lai
one of the murals in Ipoh by artist Eric Lai

This musical is a collaborative effort of performing arts educators, artistes and talents to create a production which speaks through drama, dance and music by Ipoh-born classical pianist, Lynn Yew Ever, including her award-winning piece, Without Words.

Through the musical, life on the streets of Ipoh Old Town of an era which was fuss-free yet funky, is reenacted. Be taken on an emotional roller-coaster of a simple boy’s love for his friend, the daughter of a rich tin miner. How does he help her to realise her cherished dream?

Musical – Ipoh: Street, Sleek & Funky
Date & Time: 26th Nov, 2016 – 8.30pm
Date & Time: 27th Nov, 2016 – 4pm & 8.30pm
Venue: Auditorium Kompleks, Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negara Perak, Ipoh.

Admission: RM10 per person.

For further information, contact:
Perak Society of Performing Arts
Add: A-G-1, No.1, Persiaran Greentown 2, Greentown Business Centre, 30450 Ipoh.
Tel/Fax: 05-2427814
Email: pspaipoh@gmail.com
Website: www.pspaipoh.org

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