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Archive for June, 2008

No More Pets, Thank You Very Much!

Jun 30, 2008 Author: Emily | Filed under: Personal, Photos - iPhone

Quite a number of people asked if I have plans to keep a new dog knowing what an animal lover I am. Well, sad to say that I no longer want a new pet. Snoopy is what I have right now and I have no intention to open my home to another pet; dog or ... continue reading »

Framed Miniatures

Jun 27, 2008 Author: Emily | Filed under: Photos - iPhone

I went to Kinta City and came across a stall called Rainbow something [I don't remember anymore] where they sold these framed miniature decorative items. baby room These are seriously lovely but it is unfortunate that I could not capture their delicate beauty on camera. Firstly, there was not enough light and secondly, these were placed at ... continue reading »

Struck By Lightning!

Jun 23, 2008 Author: Emily | Filed under: Personal

This month is seriously bad luck for me. Last evening, lightning struck my home and killed my telephone line. Well, I could still make and receive phone calls but there's a lot of static and I could no longer connect to Streamyx. Also, my two computers were switched on during that time so my two network ... continue reading »

Jaguar XF in Ipoh

Jun 18, 2008 Author: Emily | Filed under: Cars & Motoring, Photos - iPhone

I went to Ipoh Parade a few evenings ago, I don't even remember when exactly. Anyway, there was a car fair or something and car dealers were displaying their cars from Suzuki Swift to Honda Accent to Jaguar XF. There were a few sports cars as well but those were crowded with people that ... continue reading »

Building A Successful Blog From Scratch

Jun 14, 2008 Author: Emily | Filed under: Blogging, Contests

Friends wanted to know why I write so many blogs. Well, I write just for fun to express myself since working for myself, I hardly have the chance to interact with real people. Besides, I do not need to spend a fortune hosting my own blogs. I just need to renew my domain names and ... continue reading »

The Hangman’s Noose [Tali Gantung]

Jun 12, 2008 Author: Emily | Filed under: Photos - iPhone

I went to Tesco Extra last night and there was an exhibition on prisoners' craftwork and carpentry. These were for sale too. There were posters on display about life in prison, to scare us so that we will not land in prison ourselves, and there was this hangman's noose, or tali gantung in Malay, on ... continue reading »

Farewell, My Dearest Dino

Jun 9, 2008 Author: Emily | Filed under: Personal

I am still in shock that you left so suddenly on 6th June, 2008, Dino. You may already be 13.5 years old and I should have expected your demise but it does not make it anymore easier to accept when it did happen. I certainly did not expect it to happen on 6th June, 2008. The ... continue reading »

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