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Maybe It’s Time To Change To A Smaller Car

The impending hike in petroleum which was speculated to happen this August has been moved forward to tomorrow. I think that our ministers have also failed their Math like I did. Don’t they know how to calculate the percentage of increment from RM1.92 to RM2.70?

Our family car runs on diesel and the fact that it is a diesel car means that it is a “working” car. There is no luxury in driving a diesel powered car like many people believed.

I tell you, owning a diesel car, although diesel is said to be heavily subsidised as well, our road tax goes up to over a thousand Ringgit a year. Is there savings at all? Of course, road tax is lower for green engines but how many people could afford that?

I was told that as an owner of a 2400cc car, we will not be getting a compensation of RM625 per year. Is there any logic that driving a bigger capacity car means that we are wealthy and would not require subsidy? I guess they have not heard of the “urban poor”.

bullock cart
bullock cart

Car owners should demand that road tax be scrapped. After all, we are also paying toll. Ministers know nuts about the financial hardships that ordinary folks go through. After all, they get everything FREE. All their bills are paid for by our taxes!

I dare not imagine the impact this will have on our pockets. Next on the list of tariff hike is rumoured to be our electricity. Perhaps everyone should live in the dark now too.

Seriously, aren’t we all sick already hearing about our rates that are forever lowest in the region? Who cares what our neighbours are paying? Our salaries are also lowest in the region!
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