Wine Talk

Mr. President

Subain Singam of Rotary Club of Greentown invited me to dinner recently, where there was a talk about wines. The speaker was Dato’ Richard Small.

Wine Talk

the speaker - Dato’ Richard Small

Dato’ Small may not be an expert on the subject but with 60 years of experience in wine drinking, he certainly had a wealth of knowledge to share. Although I am a teetotaller, I found the talk interesting because of the way it was delivered. Very candid, indeed.

Wine Talk

February birthday boys

Some of the topics he covered included how to look for information of wine on the label, how to store wine, how to drink wine, and also what wine to drink on what occasion. As I don’t drink, I have already forgotten all the details. The gist of it is to drink whatever you like, when you like and how you like it! 🙂

It was a great evening, nonetheless, wrapped up with a simple birthday celebration for February Birthday Boys.

Event: Wine Talk organised by Rotary Club of Greentown
Venue: Impiana Hotel Ipoh
Date: 27th Feb, 2012
Time: 8.15pm

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