Volkswagen Roadshow In Ipoh

Volkswagen Roadshow
The Beetle

March has been an extremely hectic month for me, and I expect April to be even more so. Therefore, today’s post is on my visit to the Volkswagen Roadshow at De Garden, Ipoh, when I took a break and went to check out the Volkswagen models available. Yes, I am in the market for a new car and Volkswagen is just one of the car brands that I am looking into.

Volkswagen Roadshow
Volkswagen CC

The price tags of these cars are seriously off-putting for me, though. Can you imagine, the on-the-road price of Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid is about RM636,000, inclusive of insurance?

Volkswagen Roadshow

How well do you know about Volkswagen? Can you tell me what are the models that are not included here, based on the current Volkswagen model line-up?

Volkswagen Roadshow
The Beetle

Volkswagen Roadshow

Volkswagen Roadshow

Volkswagen Roadshow
Polo GTI

Volkswagen Roadshow

Volkswagen Roadshow

Volkswagen Roadshow

Volkswagen Roadshow

Event: Volkswagen Roadshow
Venue: De Garden, Ipoh
Date: 26th – 31st March, 2013
Time: full day

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6 thoughts on “Volkswagen Roadshow In Ipoh

  1. AFAIK,

    VW Amarok – pickup truck is not available at the moment. Not sure in the future since VW bring in most of the famous model. As normal this is a diesel engine.

    VW Up – It’s a compact car for city. About Perdua Viva size but it’s about 1Lit engine without turbo charge.

    VW Golf Plus – It’s a compact MPV. The head exactly like Golf design but the body is slightly longer.

    VW Phaeton – This is the only premium model which is not coming in to Msia. yet. Equivalent to Mercedez S Class and BMW 7 series. The engine capacity is from 3.2Lit to 5Lit.

    VW Fox – This is a city car too but slightly bigger than VW Up. Engine capacity is from 1.2L to 1.6L.

    Models excluded cabriolet, coupe, sport etc are not mention here because of they are either 4/5 doors or 2/3 doors.

    Also there are different country who make different VW cars. Most expensive model are made in Germany like Tuareg, Tiguan, GTi, and R series. Others country like South Africa, Brazil, Spain etc make other models. If I am not mistaken Spain make 3 doors car. But you can easily idendify the country origin who make VW cars are from the vehicle chasis no. Normally at the front of the wind screen, there’s a bunch of numbers under the wiper. Ex. WVG…. google it more if you are interestest.

  2. Wow, Soo, you really know your VWs!

    Thanks for such an informative comment. I am sure many would find this reference most useful!

  3. I visited the same road show when I was back in town for Cheng Beng 😀 Yes the cars are pricey but nothing beats German build and quality. If you really have the means to both buy (OTR RM100,778 w/o insurance – price as at 15 Sept 2013) and maintain it, and will keep the car for a long time (I seriously think there is no resale value due to the lack of resale buyers), go for the entry-level 1.6L VW Polo Sedan ( My “dream car” was the Sharan with its neatly concealed rear child seat and with that large price tag, it continues to be my dream! Haha

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