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Virtual Speed Dating – For Singles Only

Enjoy speed dating in the comfort of your own home! This is a chance to expand your circle and meet new people!

How to get on the Guest List and reserve a spot:

1. Sign up on https://thefun.singles
2. Send the invite code EBRITE-955 to Online Support from your account to get on the Guest List.

Please follow the steps mentioned above to get on the Guest List, then you can choose the age group.

Age group #1: 24 – 37
Age group #2: 38 – 48
Age group #3: 49 – 69

Mix up your own favourite drink, grab a seat on the couch and get ready to have fun on mini dates while social distancing. You’ll get on one-on-one video chats for 8 minutes, then switch to the next date. They will make sure you meet everyone at the event!

This new form of online speed dating allows you to still see each other at a safe distance, in a safe spot – your own home!

You can participate in two groups if you’re +/- couple years of the age limits. For example, if you’re 48 and would like to join Group #2 and Group #3. You can do that. You can join both groups after you get on the Guest List. First session is on 8th Jan, 2021.

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