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PC Expo @ Ipoh (29th – 31st Oct, 2010)

Stadium Indera Mulia indoor stadium
Stadium Indera Mulia

When I found out that there will be a “PC fair” at the end of this month, honestly, I wasn’t very excited. I have come to associate all these fairs as “dumping grounds” where the cheap stuff are products that are on the verge of being obsolete and the new stuff, well, they are still just as expensive!

PC Expo
PC Expo @ Ipoh

However, I still made my way to the venue early this morning just to see what the vendors have to offer. Well, the vendors are the same, whether they are exhibiting under the banner of PC Expo, PC Fair or even PC Show. Heck, even the shoppers are almost the same folks.


I saw almost the same products like notebooks and netbooks, speakers, computer accessories, GPS devices, anti-virus software, digital and video cameras, game consoles and wireless broadband.

Toshiba notebook
Toshiba Libretto W100 notebook

However, I also saw the Toshiba Libretto W100 notebook, something new in the market. Its dual 7in multi-touch screen is the main attraction to me, though working on it could be a tad slow because of the virtual keyboard. In spite of this, it’s currently my dream device. Well, I guess with a price tag of MYR3,998, it will remain a dream!

game console

And then I saw this game console called WiNi. It’s just funny to me that the Chinese are so innovative when it comes to copying popular brand names. I can’t help admitting that WiNi is really very close to Nintendo’s Wii. They even used almost the same colours. LOL

Apple products
Ipoh too has Apple fanboys and fangirls

Anyway, EM Exhibitions (M) Sdn. Bhd., the organiser, has big ambitions, with exhibitions lined up in a total of nine venues throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

Celcom Ipoh
Celcom - so BLUE

Event: PC Expo 2010
Date: 29th to 31st October, 2010
Time: 11am to 9pm daily
Venue: Stadium Indera Mulia, Jalan Stadium Perak, Ipoh.
GPS Coordinates: N 04 36.613′ E 101 6.142′

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