Under The Sea Party

Under The Sea Party
Under The Sea Party

Bumped into this kids’ fun time at Kinta City, Ipoh last evening. Didn’t have my digital camera with me but it’s fine; a great opportunity for me to further test out Motorola Defy camera. Many people are still wondering about the quality of the Defy camera and the photos that it produces. Obviously, it’s not as good as some mobile phone cameras but I would say that photo quality is pretty decent for a mobile phone camera!

ninja turtle balloons
ninja turtles

As you can see, this Under The Sea Party at Kinta City is made up entirely of balloons and of course, wires to hold the balloons in place. When this will end, I have no idea but since this is a school holiday event, it will probably be here until this Sunday, 20th March. The idea is very simple but kids just love it!

fish balloon

Balloon sculpting is very popular these days and Beauty Balloon, which organised this Under The Sea Party, is a major balloon sculpting and balloon decorating company based in Ipoh. I am very tempted to take up a day-long balloon art/sculpting course with them but I simply do not have any creativity in me. It will be like pouring money down the drain!

yellow octopus balloons
yellow octopus

white octopus balloons
white octopus

dolphin balloon
blue dolphin balloon

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