Jualan Branded Bazaar Sale

When I spotted the banner promoting this Jualan Branded Bazaar Sale, I wasn’t very keen on going. It looked like the “Branded” Warehouse Sale that I went to six months ago at Stadium Indera Mulia and much to my disappointment, found nothing special there.

vibrating animal
vibrating animals

Today, I had nothing better to do so I decided to go and have a look. I guess the 70% discount was too strong a magnet. To say that it was a waste of my time going there is an understatement. That outdoor tent housing this Jualan Branded Bazaar Sale was hotter than a sauna, I was in and out of it in five minutes; maybe even less.

kids clothes
children’s apparel

Most of the items on “sale” are baby stuff like clothes for toddlers, children’s toys, kids’ shoes and baby prams. There is only a small number of adult merchandise, in the form of ladies’ shoes. I wouldn’t even call this a sale since the prices definitely do not reflect the discount, if any. For example, non-branded women’s shoes are sold at RM24 to RM39. Errr I rather shop at Sungai Wang Plaza, you know?

bazaar sale
Jualan Branded

Even if there is something that really appeals to me, I doubt that I would have the leisure to browse. That place is totally not conducive to shop. Maybe going in the morning would have improved the overall shopping experience. But then again, if you’re single, this isn’t the kind of bazaar “sale” you want to go to, branded or otherwise.

Event: Jualan Branded Bazaar Sale
Location: Tesco Station 18 car park
Date: 10th – 20th March, 2011
Time: 9.30am – 10.30pm

GPS Coordinates (Tesco Station 18): N 04 32.618′ E 101 4.104′

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