Tower Regency Hotel and Apartments Ipoh

Tower Regency Hotel Ipoh is Ipoh’s newest hotel. It launched in February, 2009, after intensive construction work since January, 2007. It was a shelved project and was an eyesore for years, so long that I don’t even remember when this project started. It’s now completed at a cost of MYR70 million. This 4-star hotel has a total of 260 rooms, service apartments and penthouses.

I went to take some photos of it after seeing that there’s not much information on the web. Am sure there would be people interested in this new tallest building in Ipoh. I am not sure if it’s the tallest BUILDING in Ipoh or the tallest HOTEL in Ipoh. Somebody, please enlighten me.

Tower Regency Hotel
Tower Regency Hotel & Apartments, Ipoh

This photo above was shot on Thaipusam night. I remember specifically as I went to take photos of the chariots BUT they did not turn out well as I forgot to check the flash of my camera. It was on auto mode and the camera thought that the light was sufficient but it wasn’t. A friend offered to help me photoshop the set of photos since I do not have the software but after waiting for a week, I told him he could keep them. I was pissed off because for event photos, they have to be published as soon as possible. After one week, who would be interested anymore? Who would want to read about Thaipusam in Ipoh anymore?

Tower Regency Hotel & Apartments
Tower Regency Hotel & Apartments, Ipoh

This photo was taken on Valentine’s night. I went to Ipoh Parade to video the dance performances, remember? I was nearby, my memory card was still not full yet and I was dissatisfied with the photos I took on Thaipusam. This time, I made sure that the flash was on so the photo is a little better but still not as good as it could be. After all, I use AUTO mode only because I STILL don’t have time to explore the camera yet. LOL

I understand that the Sultan of Perak was supposed to host a gala here in Tower Regency Hotel on the night of Valentine’s Day, 14th February, 2009, to celebrate his Silver Jubilee anniversary (25 years) as the Sultan of Perak. From this photo you could see that I was able to go near it as there weren’t any guards outside as one would expect if the Sultan and other VVIPs were inside partying. Maybe the gala was cancelled seeing how Perak was handed over to the BN government just like that.

By the way, Elizabeth Wong, who is currently embroiled in a nude photo scandal, is Ipoh mali too! If you have talked to me recently, you’d know I don’t see those Elizabeth Wong nude pictures as such a big deal. Who cares when both are single, right? Granted, there may be more Elizabeth Wong nude photos and perhaps even a homemade sex video, as I read that it has already been sold to a website, but so far, those supposedly nude and semi-nude photos of Eli Wong that have been released are just of her sleeping and an up-sarong shot. These, even if the nude photos are worse, are no cause for her to resign from all posts but I digress ……

Tower Regency Hotel location map
Tower Regency Hotel & Apartments location map

I told a friend from Kuala Lumpur about this new hotel and he wanted to know if the rooms have windows. But of course, just look at all the windows! The bad thing is that one side of the building (or maybe two) overlooks the Ipoh General Hospital. Who wants that? With this post, I have also enclosed the location map of Tower Regency Hotel Ipoh which I found on the web.

Tower Regency Hotel & Apartments room rates (including breakfast)*:

Superior – RM160++
Deluxe Room – RM170++
Grand Deluxe – RM180++
Junior Suite – RM378++
Executive Room – RM210++
Executive Suite – RM278++
Ambassador Suite – RM398++
Presidential Suite – RM698++

Studio Apartment – RM150++
Studio Suite – RM180++
Regency Studio Apartment – RM200++
Regency Apartment – Rm240++
Regency Terrace Apartment – RM270++
Penthouse – RM2000++

*Add surcharge RM30 for Friday & Saturday
*Add surcharge RM50 for eve Public Holiday, Public Holiday and School Holidays

Note: Rates may change. Contact Tower Regency Hotel & Apartments directly for latest rates.

Tower Regency Hotel & Apartments
Address: 6 – 8, Jalan Dato’ Seri Ahmad Said, Greentown, 30450 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia.
Tel: +605-208 6888 [Hunting Line] / +605-208 6988 [Reservation]
Fax: +605-253 6888
GPS Coordinates: N 04 36.012′ E 101 5.273′

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18 thoughts on “Tower Regency Hotel and Apartments Ipoh

  1. it has windows that cannot be opened i think…and our Sultan celebrated his silver jubilee perak in this hotel..^^ such a honour for the hotel..together with the arrival with our TPM, YB Najib…come over to stay if you wan to…it is a very nice hotel indeed ^^

  2. Hi Iwen,

    Thanks for clearing the air. You seem to know about Ipoh Tower. Are you working there? I guess most high rise buildings have windows that cannot be opened, just in case, you know. 🙂

    If you provide me with complimentary vouchers, surely I will come and give you even greater buzz. 🙂

  3. Dear Emily,
    Your comments on the Tower have been quite helpful. I came across your blog while researching this new landmark for a conference I plan to hold in Ipoh next year. I think Ipoh and Perak news is always skewed by those politically inclined, so to get a worm’s eye view is refreshing. By the way, I live in Lumut. Nice talking to you.

  4. Hi Hanif,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. I am glad that you found my post somewhat helpful. It has been my pleasure writing it. I do hope that I have more information to share, though.

  5. Hi Emily….

    Finally, the long-awaited “mysterious” building has uncovered its veil…For an Ipoh resident like me, feels great to have another hotel in this city as I would have more chances to dine-in either with friends or colleagues and counterparts. Haven’t got the chance to pay a visit but a friend of mine told that the lobby is somehow quite huge or long..well I wasn’t quite sure what he was describing but I’m looking forward to witness the ‘beauty’ of it…Eager to look at the decor actually and of course, the food…I wonder what is the official website of the hotel as I couldn’t find it. The closest thing that I managed to find was the Ipoh tower wsite. I want to know about the rates and facilities, plus the views of the rooms. Can any of the city’s residents share with us????TQ folks..

  6. Hi Linda,

    I couldn’t find any other website apart from the one I have included in this post.

    You are right, there is no information at all regarding room rates, so I guess you’d have to give them a call. 🙂

  7. I think ninah works for regal lodge, so she is advertising her own hotel and spoiling the name of other.

  8. Actually i believe in ninah, i’m a business man and frequently travel to Ipoh. So, i have stayed most of the hotel in Ipoh, Casuarina, Syuen, Excelsior, Regalodge and come to this Tower Regency. But all these named hotel offer nothing and doesn’t satisfy me. Perhaps, Regalodge is slightly better than them after they recent renovate? The service in Tower Regency is terrible, they don’t know how to smile, how to greet and zero knowledge of their product! I believe, most of the people experience this too!

    Regalodge is just beside Tower Regency and their rooms and service is better than Tower Regency and most importantly, great value! I think a night at Tower Regency you could spend 2 nights in Regalodge. If you don’t believe me, why not give it a try by yourself? Fact tell the truth, in fact if you afford to stay in Tower Regency, Regalodge is nothing to you.

    Be a wise traveler, i usually scan reviews on tripadvisor before choosing to stay in any hotel and it helps me alot Take a reference yourself:

  9. ah… computer_man, so are you working in Tower Regency also? Com’on, all of us here just sharing our experience.. =)

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