Earlier this month, Public Bank Card Centre informed me that they are upgrading all our magnetic strip cards to chip embedded cards for security reasons. I know that my card is out-dated after comparing it with my friend’s who applied for one upon my recommendation but I thought that I could live without my debit card offline and prefer not to go through the hassle of changing my card until I am forced to do so when it expires next year. Now that I am forced to change it, I would have to go through the tedious process of reverifying my card with PayPal. SIGH!

So I received my card on 21st February, 2009. I understand that this upgrading exercise will be completed by today, 23rd February, 2009. Now that the card is in my hands, I am supposed to wait for the ATM PIN which will arrive in a separate mail.

Frankly, I am not even sure if I am to use this card now or if the old card is still valid. My internet banking account still shows my old card number though and I am supposed to go to the bank to get that changed. In any case, I will only start using the card once the PIN is here so that I could get everything sorted out in one go at the bank. Luckily I am not withdrawing funds from PayPal yet. Gggrrrrrr!
With love

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