I have been toying with the idea of running a blog contest. The only thing that is stopping me is the lack of support. My biggest nightmare would be getting only one miserable entry and I would then have to award the prize to this participant, whether the answer submitted is right or wrong.

I read in the blog of an advertising sales company that we first have to ask ourselves, what do we expect from running a contest? I am seeking to increase traffic, increase reader participation in terms of quality comment, improve on my Technorati score, lower my Alexa score and ultimately, increase back links in the hope of pushing my Google Page Rank one or two notches up.

In the same post, the writer mentioned that to realise the maximum potential of all my goals, I would have to run separate campaigns but as an owner with multiple blogs, my aim is to realise all the above goals for all of my seven active blogs in one mother of all bonanza contest and yet gives me maximum ROI.

For the life of me, I cannot really come up with an exciting enough contest that would make people really want to participate and have fun doing it. Of course, I am not that “rich” to bait people with $2,500 or a Phoney iPhone because if I were to name my prize, I expect myself to see it through, so let’s be realistic about it.

If you would so kindly drop me a comment with a contest idea, I would more than appreciate it! Thanks!!
With love

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