The Jingle Rush Bazaar

Jingle Rush Flea Market
1. golden Christmas wreath

Dropped by the Jingle Rush Bazaar at Sekeping Square in Old Town on Sunday morning, just to check out if there’s anything new.

Jingle Rush Flea Market
2. Season’s Greetings by Chyuan Lee

Jingle Rush Flea Market
3. Christmas treats by Click On

Found a mixture of regular vendors and newcomers, most of them offered Christmas-themed items, but there were a few off-theme vendors, whom I thought looked inappropriate, and made this bazaar seem like any other flea market.

Jingle Rush Flea Market
4. one of the Christmas vendors

Jingle Rush Flea Market
5. X’mas photo booth

There was a photo booth for visitors to take photos with 100% handmade paper products in a Christmas setting. Would have been great if Santa Claus was there.

Jingle Rush Flea Market
6. one of the off-theme vendors

Event: The Jingle Rush Bazaar
Venue: Sekeping Square, Ipoh
Date: 13th & 14th Dec, 2014
Time: 10am – 4pm

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