Please Help Find Jingle Bell

I know that today’s post will be irrelevant to many of you, but if you are in Ipoh, or have family and friends in Ipoh Garden, Ipoh or its surrounding areas, I hope that you would help put the word out that Jingle Bell is missing.

Jingle Bell is a male Daschound and belongs to blogger, Reana Claire. Jingle Bell has been missing for four days already, today, since 3rd Feb. 2009. In cases of missing people, and in this instance, missing dog, time is of the essence. So if you could spare a little time from your busy schedule, please keep your eyes peeled for Jingle Bell, either on the streets, in animal shelters, in veterinarian clinics, or perhaps in other people’s homes. He may have been dognapped.

If you have any news at all, please leave me or Reana Claire a note. Thanks in advance.
With love

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