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Within 48 hours, I have to write 93 posts. Tell me I am not going to die from this!!! The other day, I wrote 45 posts within 24 hours and I was so happy to get them done on time and even before I have time to recover, eeeeyyerrr it’s time to torture myself again!

If you don’t see me around online or if I am not replying to your email or SMS messages, you know why lah! And I thought I would go shop for Christmas cards and get them sent out since these are to be sent by airmail and would take longer than usual.

So I guess that will have to wait when I emerge from my hell hole! To be frank, I have no idea where to start at all!

YYYYYYerrr die 🙁 Did you know that I actually wanted to write a different post this morning? Now no mood oredi!!! And I needed to vent. Haiihhh!!
With love

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