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There is a new shopping place in Ipoh, albeit temporarily. Located at the parking area of Tesco Hypermarket along Jalan Jambu (behind AEON Kinta City), this Karnival Ekspo Borong opened for business on 12th Jan and will wrap up on 21st Jan. Business hours are from 10am to 12 midnight. Karnival Ekspo Borong means wholesale bazaar. It's ... continue reading »

Mitsubishi Red Peak Challenge

4WD enthusiasts in Ipoh had the opportunity to check out the smooth drive of the Mitsubishi Triton VGT GS and Pajero Sport VGT when the Red Peak Challenge came by for two days over the weekend. During the Mitsubishi Red Peak Challenge at the outdoor car park area of Tesco Hypermarket (Jalan Jambu), visitors were encouraged ... continue reading »

Tesco pink parking lots

Although my sense of security had been shattered while shopping at Tesco Hypermarket, no thanks to having my car battery stolen here more than four years ago, I commend Tesco Hypermarket for their foresight and effort in providing dedicated parking lots for lone female shoppers. These photos were taken during one of my weekly trips here ... continue reading »

Orchid Competition-cum-Promotion

Dec 31, 2012 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events, Photos - Panasonic DMC-FZ150
orchid species

Yes, another post on orchids again. Today's photos are from the orchid competition-cum-promotion organised by the Ipoh Orchid Society (IOS). More than 200 exhibits are currently at Tesco Hypermarket along Jalan Jambu, Ipoh. While this orchid show, held in conjunction with Christmas and New Year, may be larger than the one held at Fiesta Pelancongan at ... continue reading »


Mar 7, 2009 Author: Emily | Filed under: Photos - iPhone

Rosak is the Malay word for "out of order". A couple of evenings ago, I went to Tesco hypermarket and my friend wanted to use the toilet so I walked with her and saw these lockers near the toilet. I have to say that although I have been to Tesco a million times already, I ... continue reading »

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