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A mere five minutes stroll from FUSHIN Hotel Tainan - 富信大飯店 is Guohua Street, also known as a street food haven, and YongLe Market, the local wet market. I opine this area to be similar to the wet market at Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) Ipoh and its vicinity. The best time to visit this area is ... continue reading »

FUSHIN Hotel Tainan - 富信大飯店 or Tainan Fushin Hotel is a four-star business hotel situated in the heart of the bustling city of Tainan, just a few minutes' drive from Eirakucho Drum Tea House 永樂町鼓茶樓-答嘴鼓. Housed in a classical baroque building with palatial architecture, you would expect all the facilities and amenities that are offered by ... continue reading »

Although known as a "tea house", Eirakucho Drum Tea House 永樂町鼓茶樓-答嘴鼓 surely offers more than a mere cuppa. A visit to Eirakucho Drum Tea House is an opportunity to learn about Tainan at a deeper level, from its many generation-long exhibits during a guided tour, and especially from its 40-minute cultural show, performed during weekends. One of ... continue reading »

The Koxinga Shrine and Museum are said to be Tainan's major tourist destinations. In fact, the Koxinga Shrine has been voted by the public to be one of the Top 100 Religious Scenes of Taiwan. Koxinga (Western name), or Zheng Chenggong, born in Japan to a Chinese father and Japanese mother, was a national hero in ... continue reading »

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