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Sharing My Personal Experience: Taiwan Small Town Ramble

Jul 25, 2019 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events

Premier travel agency in Ipoh, Golden Century Tour & Travel Sdn Bhd, hosted a sharing session regarding Taiwan's lesser known places of interest that would wow even the most seasoned traveller to Taiwan. Ipohites, especially tin miners, have been known to visit Taiwan on weekends back in the 1970s. Although that era is over, many people ... continue reading »

Being a non-Mandarin speaking Chinese (a.k.a. banana), I never dreamt that I would one day visit Taiwan. This is one of the countries that I did not place in my bucket list due to my perceived language barrier. As a travel writer-cum-content creator, obviously, I go to countries that I can effectively communicate while travelling, ... continue reading »

Although Taiwan had never been on my wish list of countries to visit one day, when the opportunity arose, I accepted it. Hence, it was in mid-January of this year that I spent 6D/5N travelling from Taoyuan to Tainan and back north to Taipei. One thing about Taiwan that struck me was that it is a ... continue reading »

The brief time spent in Taipei did not mean a lack of opportunity to try out popular restaurants in the city. While lunch was settled at A Bi Han Ten (阿美飯店), dinner was at Qing Tian Xai, a restaurant in Datong District serving authentic Guizhou cuisine. By the way, Guizhou is a mountainous province in Southwest ... continue reading »

During our visit to Taipei, short the time was, but we still managed to spend one night in the city. Our choice of accommodation was Saual Keh Hotel; a tall, purple building that’s out of view from the main road. Similar to Eirakucho Drum Tea House, Saual Keh, literally translated as “handsome guest”, has its main ... continue reading »

A sister temple of the Longshan Temple at Lukang, this house of worship in Wanhua (formerly known as Manka), Taipei City’s oldest district, the temple was founded by immigrants from Fujian, China during Qing Dynasty in 1738 and opened to the public in 1740, following two years of construction. Designated as a municipal historical site in ... continue reading »

The first Taipei tourist destination on our itinerary was Bopiliao Historic Block, unsurprisingly, as it is a major attraction of the city, in Wanhua District, one of Taiwan's oldest districts. Bopiliao Historic Block, also known as Bopiliao Historical Block or Bopiliao Old Street or Bopiliao Ancient Street, is a stretch of old buildings featuring different architectural ... continue reading »

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