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It’s Deepavali this Saturday and what does it mean? Curry and spice galore, of course! The good news I have for you today is that for TWO days (28th & 29th Oct) Palong Coffee House at Kinta Riverfront Hotel is running a hard-to-beat Deepavali promotion of BBQ-cum-Indian buffet dinner. On these two days, buffet dinner is ... continue reading »

Foodie lovers will be happy to know that Kinta Riverfront Hotel's Palong Coffee House has introduced three signature dishes from now until April 15, 2016! Specially crafted by the coffee house Executive Sous Chef Hamdan Jidi, the three dishes are: Oxtail Asam Pedas (Ekor Lembu Asam Pedas), Lamb Rib Curry with Potato (Tulang Rusuk Kambing Kari ... continue reading »

Palong Coffee House Christmas food preview

Christmas is going to be an exciting time at Kinta Riverfront Hotel, thanks to the gigantic Christmas tree and the snow-effect where visitors can enjoy a white Christmas even in tropical Ipoh. Anyway, if you have yet to decide where to celebrate the joyous occasion this year, here is another option for you, if you ... continue reading »

Kinta Riverfront Deepavali food promo

It's Deepavali in a couple of days and what does it mean? Curry and spice galore, of course! So, I have good news for you. For THREE days beginning tomorrow, Palong Coffee House at Kinta Riverfront Hotel, Ipoh, is running a Deepavali food promotion. On these three days from Nov 9 to 11, buffet hi-tea is only ... continue reading »

giant burger promotion Ipoh

Burger seems to be all the rage these days - I remember dining at a burger joint at the unlikely town of Tanjung Malim some months ago. I am not a great fan of burgers but my favourite food on the go is Burger King burger from the KL Sentral outlet. Now, Palong Coffee House has ... continue reading »

Halloween Scream Buffet Dinner

While most people would not associate the observation of Halloween with a buffet dinner, one of Ipoh's premier hotels, Kinta Riverfront Hotel, has planned something unusual for those looking to celebrate the occasion differently. Offering a special buffet dinner called "Halloween Scream" at the hotel's coffeehouse, Palong, it is going to be Halloween Night with a ... continue reading »

Kinta Riverfront Ramadan Buffet Promotion

With seven sets of different menus to rotate, breaking fast at Palong Coffee House, Kinta Riverfront Hotel, Ipoh will be a delightful affair. The menus to be served daily on rotation, will feature popular appetisers such as an assortment of ulam-ulaman accompanied by spicy sambal, keropok, jeruk, fresh salad, kerabu and cold platter. Soup choices, a different ... continue reading »

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