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Of all the food that I have eaten, Chinese cuisine remains my all-time favourite. In Ipoh, Great Miner Chinese Cuisine is one of my top restaurants for a Chinese meal not only because of the standard of food and pleasant ambience - most of all, it is due to its pocket-friendly prices. For our lunch last ... continue reading »

Perak was selected by Singapore's Gourmet Circle Club as the destination to visit as it is still an unexplored gem to many of its members. They wanted to take a step back in time and reminiscing about the old times. 49 members of the club, who are all air stewards and stewardesses from various airline companies ... continue reading »

Great Miner Chinese Cuisine food promotion

Once in a while, Great Miner Chinese Cuisine Restaurant in Ipoh runs an unbeatable promotion that is difficult to resist. For November until the end of the year, there are three different offers up for grabs for those looking for a delicious Chinese meal whilst enjoying the great ambience of the hotel. Honestly, where can we get ... continue reading »

Great Miner Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

Mid-Autumn Festival is upon us soon, in less than ten days' time. Even as we bite into delectable moon cakes, have you given a thought on where to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with a sit-down dinner? It is, after all, a call for a reunion with family and close friends. The management of corporations should also take ... continue reading »

Great Miner Chinese Cuisine promotion

A traditional luscious one-pot Chinese dish, Poon Choi (in Cantonese) or Big Bowl Feast, is a special meal where all dishes are served in just one large platter. In the old days, Poon Choi was served in a large bowl with ingredients arranged layer by layer. However, the time-honoured communal dish is now served in ... continue reading »

Kinta Riverfront Hotel Great Miner Chinese Cuisine Promotion

From now until the end of July, Kinta Riverfront Hotel's Great Miner Chinese Cuisine Restaurant is running an awesome promotion that is pocket friendly. First off is the Buddha Jump Over The Wall Combo Meal Promotion. This meal, suitable for ten pax, is available for both lunch and dinner. The main dish, Buddha Jump Over The ... continue reading »

Great Miner Chinese Restaurant

Kinta Riverfront Hotel's Chinese cuisine restaurant, Great Miner, has introduced three sets of budget-friendly menus. These 9-course Chinese meals, sufficient for a table for ten, are priced at RM448, RM518 and RM738 nett respectively. This promotion is available for both lunch and dinner from now until 8th May, 2015. Menu A: Four Seasons Combinations Braised Seafood Soup with Dry ... continue reading »

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