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Impiana Hotel Ipoh Chinese New Year celebration

World champion traditional lion and dragon dance troupe, Chin Woo Ipoh, provided the obligatory Chinese New Year performance with two lions and a dragon at Impiana Hotel Ipoh on the third day of Spring Festival. The energetic performance certainly attracted the attention of hotel guests and curious onlookers. Staff and management of the hotel, including General ... continue reading »

Chinese New Year eve celebrations

The crowd was massive at Tow Boh Keong temple in Ipoh on the eve of Chinese New Year. Surprisingly, given that Astro was in Ipoh for its live broadcast of Chinese New Year Countdown Festival at Kuan Yin Tong on the same night. Besides praying for a better year ahead this Year of the Wooden Horse, devotees ... continue reading »

Chinese New Year reunion dinner

People of Chinese descent the world over made an exodus to their ancestral homes to reunite with family members for a feast on the eve of Chinese New Year. In modern times, people are not as superstitious and are not observing culture and traditions to a T. Still, most would take the trouble to travel ... continue reading »

Chinese New Year buffet lunch

In the past, my family used to have the problem of looking for a place to eat on Chinese New Year's Day because most eateries were closed and the only ones opened were vegetarian restaurants. If you are like us, and will be spending your Chinese New Year holidays in Ipoh, perhaps it's a good ... continue reading »

Chinese New Year Temple Fair

Even before we officially gallop into the Year of the Horse on Jan 31, Sin Chew Daily, Guang Ming Daily and Tow Boh Keong organised a "Miao Hui", which means "Chinese New Year temple fair" at the temple compound. Temple fairs are Chinese cultural gatherings traditioanlly held in or adjacent to temples, and held just before ... continue reading »

Impiana Hotel Ipoh Chinese New Year dinner

Chinese New Year falls on Jan 31st this year, and as we gallop into the Year of the Horse, most Chinese families will make the effort to get together for a meal, which we call it the reunion dinner. If you are celebrating Chinese New Year in Ipoh, Impiana Hotel Ipoh is a good choice to ... continue reading »

Festival Walk Chap Goh Mei celebration

Despite the absence of a waterway for the traditional ritual of tossing mandarin oranges by single ladies to be fished out by single men, the organisers, Hua Zong (Gabungan Pertubuhan Cina Malaysia), Perak Chinese Assembly Hall (Dewan Perhimpunan China Perak), Perak Chinese Assembly Hall (Ladies' Wing) and Emerald Capital Group, still managed to pull off ... continue reading »

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