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Selling your ideas

Selling Your Ideas

Do you have great ideas but are never sure how to ‘sell them’ to someone else? Therefore, join David McLaughlin as he gives his top tips on this topic.

Selling your ideas

Whether it’s a service, a product or an idea, unless you can interest someone else in it it will never get off the drawing board. Preparation is key, you must ensure you tell your story in an honest way to be able to bring the idea to life. Also, it is important to ensure you craft your message to a variety of personalities as different groups of people interpret things in different ways and you don’t want to decrease the size of your audience.

To be able to sell your ideas successfully you must deal with your fears. This event will ensure you are prepared to deal with negotiations, are able to have difficult conversations and most importantly, if you believe in yourself and are very clear about what it is that you want, you will succeed.

Date & time:
26th July, 2021: 5pm – 5.45pm (UTC+08)
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