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Doge Disco Party!

Doge Disco Party!

Welcome To The Million Doge Disco!

The Million Doge Disco is a master plan to turn the entire world into a dance floor. Think Pokemon Go meets the Harlem Shake. Amplified by the Doge – a series of high-energy Zoom Parties that will unify the Doge Diaspora.

Would you like to connect, create and get silly with the most Authentic, Clever and Alive individuals on the planet? Yes, yes. Then join this celebration of life, liberty and all things Dogely Every Single Saturday Night.

Doge Disco Party!


The ultimate dream is to create a Doge-Powered Party Metaverse. A new “Party Layer” that will sit atop reality, allowing anyone, anywhere to instantly step into a parallel dimension alive with sound, light and positive vibes.

They believe that a gigantic international game, inspired and empowered by the Doge is the best possible way to unify humanity and Wage Peace on a global scale.

Date & time:
18th July, 2021 – 7.30am – 9.30am (UTC+08)
Register HERE.

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