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Tips to Creating a Minimalist Home

Many houses are being enlisted for sale. Research shows homes with evidence of comprehensive care and cleanliness have been sold off quicker and fetched good prices.

Whether you are putting up your house for sale or are looking to improve it, it is important to bear in mind a few tips on minimalism, which does not only make your home more comfortable, but bears a higher chance of selling if you plan on putting it up for sale later.

a minimalist home

Get an Interior Decorator
An interior decorator is your best bet on taking care of big or small spaces. Do not waste too much time on taking care of the huge or small space. A decorator will give you useful tips on what works best for whichever kind of space you have in your home.

More often than not we assume all the space has to be covered. However, less is indeed more. The decorator will teach you what tricks and tips you can apply to have a classy finish in that elongated foyer and that high-ceiling study.

Other rooms like the bathrooms, kitchen and patio may be decorated in a minimalist way that would still bring out the best. For this to work, you need to get a good interior decorator. Most of them can be found on job listing sites or simply on the internet.

Others may have websites and a presence on social media, which have become an advertising platform for most businesses. Before setting up to engage with any interior decorator, be sure to check out their background, what projects they have previously worked on and if they have any expertise in creating the minimalism effect you are seeking.

Read On Tips
The internet is your best friend. This means there are numerous tips on what you can do to have a minimalist home. Apart from the available information, one may seek guidance on what to do and what not to do.

Although an interior decorator may offer impeccable services, some of the tips to having a minimalist home may be easy and can be done by yourself. Just like there are articles on minimalism, there are videos and audios on what to do. Some of these tips are as easy as A, B, C, which essentially means: Abandon, Beautify and Clean. Minimalism is next to cleanliness.

Some of the DIY techniques may include finding out different uses for the same thing. For example, a wine bottle may in future be used as a flower vase, or a wide leather couch may serve more purpose than a set of three single couches.

You may subscribe to the channels that broadcast on topics to do with minimalism and how it can be achieved, both at home and in the office. If you practise it at the office, it will be simpler to apply the same at home as well.

Involve Everyone
Minimalism is not only something to do at home, but it also takes practice to create such an environment around us. Other people, including children and the rest of our family members may get involved in the same project, too.

For instance, children can be moulded into understanding minimalism at a tender age. This will make them understand why they can only have some toys and not as many as their friends do.

It may take a while to explain to everyone why it is important to keep a minimalist home. It would help to explain to them the importance of minimalism, such as more space, efficiency, cost effective and classy.

Contrary to common belief, a house does not need to be full to be cosy and give off a homely and warm feel. Minimalism can be rounded to fit any household and still feel as warm as a home should be. Meanwhile, in other spaces like the office, minimalism makes you more productive, research has shown.

A clear desk with only the essentials gives you more time and breathing space to think of all those award-winning solutions. Although a photograph of your spouse and children sitting on your desk may be necessary to you, perhaps having photos of your dog and grandma in Vegas isn’t the best idea.

Insist on Quality
The secret lies in only getting quality over quantity. Minimalism is built on having the fewest things possible and only what is essential. Why have a couch, sofa, settee and armchair all in the same living room? Or a chest of drawers, cupboard and bedside lockers in the bedroom? Quality furniture can go a long way, ensuring you do not have to buy too much.

On the other hand, quality stuff is bound to serve its purpose for a long time, without you having to think about replacing them. This is especially prevalent in couches, refrigerators, microwave ovens and computers, all of which are necessary for today’s modern lifestyle but are prone to breaking down so often.

Do Not Hoard
Minimalism means little, scarce, not too much, only the essentials. This is where charities and yard sales come in. It does not, however, mean that you only give away stuff you do not need.

Minimalism is not about having new and functional stuff and throwing or giving away stuff you believe you have no use for anymore. It is one thing to give away baby stuff when you are done with that part of your life.

In the same breath, you may need to understand that there is no use for a dustbin or large surface area in the bathroom. Medicine can be kept in one of the cabinets in the kitchen, the same way you could use the mirror on your dressing table.

Hoarding is minimalism’s enemy. You may keep one piece of furniture this month, and keep two the following month. Before you know it, there is a garage full of furniture you do not even remember you owned.

Giving away is always a good way to get rid of what you do not need as well as making a few extra coins if you are going the yard sale way. Perhaps you do not have enough stuff to hold a yard sale but you could offer the stuff to people you know who may need them. Look for a mover to cart away your bulky items.

Finally, there are a thousand and one tips on getting a home that only has the essentials. Most importantly is sticking to your regime. It may take a while to get used to, but minimalism does have its advantages; clear space is just one of them.

It takes time to implement and perhaps a few explanations to all those who do not understand the concept, but the rewards are sweet. An uncluttered home reflects a clear mind, giving you enough energy to focus on other more pressing matters.

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16 thoughts on “Tips to Creating a Minimalist Home

  1. Cheers to the tips- I especially agree with the quality and hoarding aspect, for less is definitely more in this case 😉

  2. Nice tips, you are right with your advice to check the background and confirm sample of previous work from the interior Decorator.

    Also reading tips before hiring a professional services will help to understand and choose wisely

    Finally quality is very important . Nice tips.

  3. Thanks for sharing this! Really in need of clearing up my place. After reading this I think I might have some hoarding problems and hopefully be able to clean up my place to achieve a minimalist home.

  4. Thanks for sharing these tips.

    I might have clutter in my walk-in closet, but I prefer more of minimalist look of my home. More spaces, much better.

  5. to me my defination of minimalist home just need plenty of windows for natural sunlight, more neutral colours and more furnitures from IKEA xD Of course, I do agree with your points! 🙂

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