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Old Michaelians’ Association 73rd Annual Reunion Dinner 2011

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Old Michaelians’ Association Annual Dinner 2011
1. Dato’ Yeoh Kian Teik, Dato’ Michelle Yeoh's father (Class of 1941) receiving his jubilee salutation certificate from Dato’ Bro. Vincent

I had the opportunity to revisit St. Michael’s Institution, Ipoh recently when I attended the 73rd annual reunion dinner organised by the Old Michaelians’ Association to celebrate the school’s 99th anniversary. More than eight hundred people, old Michaelians, friends and family, gathered together to reminisce the good ol’ student days. We never know how precious those days are until we have left school!

Old Michaelians’ Association Annual Reunion Dinner 2011
2. Dato' Bro. Vincent with my former teacher, Mr. Wong Peng San (Class of 1961)

Old Michaelians’ Association Annual Dinner 2011
3. Ruby jubilarians (Class of 1971) with Dato’ Bro. Vincent

I expected to see a few familiar faces but sadly, none of my friends attended the reunion dinner. By the end of the evening, I could only recognise my doctor, my teacher and two people whom I always see at shopping malls in Ipoh! Perhaps, they too, like me, suffer from mallitis?

Old Michaelians’ Association Annual Dinner 2011
4. group photo of Pearl jubilarians (Class of 1981) with Dato’ Bro. Vincent

Old Michaelians’ Association Annual Dinner 2011
5. OMA President, Adrian Tsen, giving his welcoming speech


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12 thoughts on “Old Michaelians’ Association 73rd Annual Reunion Dinner 2011

  1. Hi Emily,
    Thanks for posting those nice pics of our OMA dinner and also the video of the class of 81 singing the School Rally. The dinner is one venue where we can meet up with our old classmates. What year did you leave SMI?
    Oh BTW, my name is Joe Chin and not Joe Lim as mentioned in your pic No. 38. Thanks.

  2. Hi Joe!

    Sorry about your name. I have corrected it. Could you help me with the other names?

    HHmm I didn’t graduate from SMI. I dropped out.

  3. Thanks Emily, no worries.
    Pic No. 32 – Eugene Wong Fee Khim (Pouring wine) and Mr. & Mrs. Lim Kheng Hoo (Right)
    Pic No. 21 – (Fr. Left) Denis Isaac, Andy Ting and Jerome Sammy.
    I’m not very sure of the other people’s names. Anyway, hope these will help.
    Do drop by at my blog http://foodandplaces.blogspot.com/. Perhaps we can share some ideas on good places for food.
    Rgds, Joe

  4. Picture: 36 Representatives from Old Georgians Association from left Yeap Thean Eng and Tan Chee Sin.

    Picture 19 – From left Mrs Thomas Choo and Mrs Timothy Chee

    Picture 8 – Some corrections: From left (Mrs Adrian Tsen, Brother Matthew Liew, former SMI principal Mr Louis Rozario Doss and Brother Matthew Bay)

  5. Hello – I am Michaelian. Studied from standard 1 to Upper six (1984). Do Please contact me for the next annual dinner.


  6. Photo : 11
    Adrian Gerard (left), Charles Nagalingam (middle) and myself (A.Vasuthaven). Class of 1985 Art 1 & 3.
    Can’t really remember what i was saying to Charles, however the photo posted is superb and word described is excellent.

  7. Hi Mr. Vasuthaven!

    Thank you for your names. I have already added them into my photo.

    Thanks for appreciating my sense of humour in the spirit of Michaelian! 🙂

  8. I am trying to organise a gathering for class of 1971 form 5 as we will be 60 years old. Do contact me.

    1971 5s2

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