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Michaelian Talent Show

Tickets are now available for sale for the 3-night Michaelian Talent Show from August 21 to 23. Talent shows such as this and the almost annual drama productions are part of the long tradition of St Michael's Institution (SMI) Ipoh, dating back to 1954, marking this the school's 62nd year in celebrating students' talent and creativity ... continue reading »

SMI Centennial FunFair

May 3, 2012 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events, Photos - Panasonic DMC-FZ150
SMI Centennial FunFair

Today, I am bringing you some photos that I took of the recent SMI Centennial FunFair. I couldn't spend the entire morning at the school, so my shots are entirely random. This fun fair was part of the school's yearlong Centennial programmes and was held simultaneously as the Talentime show. At the same time, three ... continue reading »

Happy Birthday St. Michael’s Institution

The sky was just brightening when I arrived at St. Michaael's Institution, Ipoh, yesterday morning, and I experienced an acute sense of déjà vu as I head to the assembly ground. My time at SMI may be fleeting, yet, I feel an affiliation with the school. I thank Master Peter Khiew for extending an invitation ... continue reading »

Old Michaelians’ Association Annual Dinner 2011

I had the opportunity to revisit St. Michael's Institution, Ipoh recently when I attended the 73rd annual reunion dinner organised by the Old Michaelians' Association to celebrate the school's 99th anniversary. More than eight hundred people, old Michaelians, friends and family, gathered together to reminisce the good ol' student days. We never know how precious ... continue reading »

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