Northern Writers – Grand Finale

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The band delivered a poetry/song and then one of the band members, George Paul Wielgus, who goes by the name Gyorgy Furiosa, sang/rapped. Northern Writers is an experimental arts platform, anyway. Watch this video.

Video (below): Gyorgy Furiosa’s performance at Northern Writers

Northern Writers
George Wielgus a.k.a. Gyorgy Furiosa

During the break between sets, Yusof Martin revealed that it was the birthday of Antares. What a surprise! Gyorgy brought out a birthday cake with lighted candles. Awww… Happy 21st birthday, Antares! 🙂

Northern Writers
Happy Birthday to Antares

Finally, actor-turned-poet Pyanhabib Rahman collaborated with Space Gambus Experiment, an experimental band from Ipoh. It’s unfortunate that I had to give this a miss as I had another appointment to keep. Booh! Let’s hope Northern Writers will continue to be held on a monthly basis.

Northern Writers
appreciative audience

Event: Northern Writers – Grand Finale
Venue: Garden Villa, No. 5, Jalan Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah (Gopeng Road), Ipoh
Date: 7th Jan, 2012
Time: 10.30am

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