Muhibbah Sunset Dinner @ The Banjaran

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Banjaran oriental duck breast with black mushroom
oriental duck breast with black mushroom

Yes, I am back from having a most sumptuous dinner at The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat and I have plenty of photos to share with you. The Banjaran introduced their Muhibbah Sunset Dinner last evening, you see, and I couldn’t wait to try it out. I just have to go on the first day. Hahaha! This special Muhibbah Sunset Dinner is served to celebrate Independence Day (31st Aug) and Malaysia Day (16th Sept).

Banjaran udang masak merah
udang masak merah

Banjaran hot & spicy wok fried crab
hot & spicy wok fried crab

As the name says, this is a Muhibbah buffet-style dinner, so the pork-free menu is made up of cuisine from the three major races in Malaysia; Malay, Chinese and Indian. I tried a little of everything (except beef) and had my palate thoroughly pampered.

Banjaran stir fried squid with dried chili scallions
stir fried squid with dried chilli & scallions

Banjaran roasted chicken with mushroom sauce
roasted chicken with mushroom sauce

It is obvious that I am not able to share all the shots I took but I am sure you would have a very good idea what a great dinner I had last night. Let me try recalling the menu…

Banjaran beef rendang
beef rendang

Lamb Varuval
Wok Fried Crab with Hot & Spicy Sauce
Curry Fish with Brinjal & Lady Finger
Roasted Chicken with Mushroom Sauce
Stir Fried Squid With Dried Chilli & Scallions
Loh Hon Chai (Chinese vegetable dish)
Tomato Rice
Udang Masak Merah
Beef Rendang
Seafood on Ice
Oriental Duck Breast with Black Mushroom
Sotong Kangkung
Dory Fish Tandoori-Style


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4 thoughts on “Muhibbah Sunset Dinner @ The Banjaran

  1. Hi Bernard!

    Diners pay for the ambiance too, not only for the food.

    Also, diners get to tour Jeff’s Cellar during Muhibbah Sunset Dinner promo. Otherwise, it’s only open to stay guests.

    Once in awhile, must pamper ourselves. HEHE.

  2. Thank you so much for the pics! Now I have the idea what are being served for this buffet. Helps a lot! Kudos..

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