Mangrove River Cruise @ Kuala Sepetang

mangrove swamp
speeding down Sungai Reba

Located in the western coastline of Perak, the mangrove forest in Kuala Sepetang, is a world-acclaimed best managed sustainable mangrove ecosystem. This Matang Mangrove Forest boasts 28 true mangrove species and 13 associate species, 19 mammals, 155 species of birds, 112 species of fishes, 3 species of stingrays, 50 species of crabs and 20 species of prawns. Lucky visitors have also spotted the Chinese White Dolphin swimming along the river-mouths.

mangrove swamp
mangrove swamp

mangrove swamp
boats that meet in the day

During my visit to the Matang Mangrove Eco-Educational Centre recently, I also took the opportunity to cruise along the Reba River (mangrove river cruise), where I saw a floating village (Kampung Nelayan), which the Chinese community of fishing families call home, harvesting of cockles and crab fishing.

mangrove swamp
back-breaking work of cockle-harvesting

mangrove swamp

As it was low-tide, I was unable to witness more river activities, like the removal of logs from logging sites in the mangrove forest. Nonetheless, it was an eye-opening cruise along the river, where our boatman nearly took us out to the Straits of Melaka!

mangrove swamp
floating village

mangrove swamp
a building in the middle of the river

For visitors who would like a longer stay at the Matang Mangrove Eco-Educational Centre, there are chalets and camping platforms for rent. For further information on rates, contact the Perak State Forestry Department or Larut & Matang District Forest Office.

Entrance fee (per entry):
Adult: RM1
Student: 50sen

Perak State Forestry Department (Jabatan Perhutanan Negeri Perak)
Add: Persiaran Meru Utama, Bandar Meru Raya, 30020 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel: +605-528 8100 / 8071 / 8072 / 8073 / 8075
Fax: +605-528 8101

Larut & Matang District Forest Office
Add: 34000 Taiping, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel: +605-807 2762
Fax: +605-806 7743

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  1. I went there few times. Have you been to heart of this mangrove? You can always take a walk at inside and it’s open to public.

  2. Soo,

    Didn’t go inside. Just walked outside and then went for the river cruise. Not enough time after listening to the lecture.

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