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Ngah Ibrahim Fort Matang Museum

Ngah Ibrahim's Fort (Kota Ngah Ibrahim) is located along Jalan Taiping - Kuala Sepetang, near Matang in Perak. It is also known as Matang Historical Complex or simply, Matang Museum. Ngah Ibrahim, the son of Che Long Jaafar, was a powerful and wealthy tin miner in Perak. Initially, this fort with a house in the centre, ... continue reading »

Mak Teh Mee Banjir Udang

Anyone who comes to Kuala Sepetang is highly recommended to make a stop at Mak Teh Mee Banjir Udang. Mak Teh, the proprietress, is famous for her prawn noodles, which literally translates to "flooded prawn noodles". Priced at RM6, RM8 or RM12, price per bowl is determined by the size of the prawns. This photo ... continue reading »

mangrove swamp

Located in the western coastline of Perak, the mangrove forest in Kuala Sepetang, is a world-acclaimed best managed sustainable mangrove ecosystem. This Matang Mangrove Forest boasts 28 true mangrove species and 13 associate species, 19 mammals, 155 species of birds, 112 species of fishes, 3 species of stingrays, 50 species of crabs and 20 species ... continue reading »

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