Lazada Online Revolution: Shop The Universe

When I got wind that Lazada is hosting an online shopping revolution, I was so excited, I am already browsing through the Lazada website, placing items in my shopping cart, but of course, not check out yet!

Online Revolution: Shop The Universe is an exciting month-long online festival which begins on 11th November and ends on 14th December. However, knowing me, I would rather shop on the first day already. Why wait when I can have my purchases delivered to me sooner rather than later? As you can tell, I am impatient!

Lazada Online Revolution: Shop The Universe
Lazada Online Revolution: Shop The Universe

I still remember my first foray into online shopping. I was very cautious about using my credit card online. My very first purchase was a second hand computer on Yes, it was a bulky item but I was able to pay by Cash on Delivery. After that hassle-free first experience, I was no longer wary about making purchases online or paying for my purchases with my credit card.

Although later on I have chalked up my fair share of negative encounters with some sellers, eCommerce platforms still provide me with convenience in getting what I want without having to leave home. This means no hassle but more time to spend browsing and catching great deals.

My favourite items to buy online are actually bags. I carry the house with me everywhere I go, so I can never have enough of them! Come 11.11, it is time to ambush Lazada, my current preferred shopping portal.

Kenneth Cole KC2728 Women's New York Watch
Kenneth Cole KC2728 Women’s New York Watch

After buying so many things over the past few months, is there anything that I still need? Of course! I already have an eye on a branded watch and a sparkling new mobile phone!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge G935 32GB
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge G935 32GB

What about you? Are you an online shopping kaki like me? What do you plan to buy during Lazada’s Online Revolution sales?

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12 thoughts on “Lazada Online Revolution: Shop The Universe

  1. Not an online shopping kaki. But sometimes I do buy online coz it’s the only available platform that I can find something that’s unusual or uncommon

  2. I have bought some things for my daughter but none for myself yet. Will shop online these few days. Great sales and discounts.

  3. Lazada always has a great deal, and the items are really nice. I’m looking forward to buying items for a gift to my family and friends.

  4. Emily – why you need to remind me this? Haha
    I am an online shopaholic but I managed not to buy anything during the 11.11 sales – but you should see what I have in my cart haha

  5. Omg i like shopping at Lazada, they gained reputation on fast delivery and free returns. Hope you could get your Samsung S7!

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