Revenge Online Shopping is Real

If there’s one advantage that emerged from this COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent global lockdown, it is a more robust adoption of digital technology. Suddenly, many of us working folk found ourselves working from home, unable to go shopping or travel. Basically, the lifestyle that we have known all this while had been ripped away from us, forcing us to be socially reclusive.

Because of the lockdown, we turned to our smart phones and computers to get connected with family, friends and workmates, to shop and for entertainment. Being quite savvy online, I found myself getting more things done over the internet than I normally would, such as ordering a meal, shopping for groceries, renewing road tax and taking a virtual tour.

Frankly, these are tasks that I wouldn’t think of doing if not for the lockdown. However, one thing that I abstained from was online shopping. I didn’t want more strangers to call at my home more than necessary, hence it was a conscious decision to stop my bad habit of shopping online.

Anyway, now that we are into the phase of Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO), and with the irresistible 6.6 mega sale at Shopee on the 6th of June, my inner shopaholic reared its head and I shopped like my bank account was bottomless. To date, eight packages have already been delivered to me, with two more on the way. And I don’t intend to stop browsing, sale or no sale.


By the way, I didn’t just shop at Shopee. Lazada, Zalora, Uniqlo, Mudah and Rakuten are some of my current favourites. Not only do I purchase physical goods, I also commission the services of freelancers on Fiverr. Perhaps one day, I will write about my experience. Ah, I read about ‘revenge spending’ in China after their lockdown was lifted. I can say, in my case, revenge online shopping is real.

The homebody me is actually relishing this time spent at home, with minimal contact with the outside world, especially when most of the items that I require can be procured over the internet. In this regard, what is your personal experience with the lockdown and its aftermath?

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