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R. Suganthi (L) with Y.Bhg. Dato' Rumaizi bin Baharin

Immediate Aid For Down & Out Mother-Daughter Pair

The Ipoh City Council (Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh – MBI) provided immediate cash aid to single mother, R. Suganthi and her daughter S. Lalithambigai @ Kyran, following media highlight of their financial plight, which left 53-year-old Suganthi plucking edible leaves along the roadside as food for herself and daughter.

At the same time, Econsave (Jelapang branch) came forward with food care pack for the family to tide them over, under the MBI Prihatin programme, with a total aid value of RM500. The hypermarket manager, Encik Shah Effendy Bin Rosman, who accompanied Ipoh Mayor Y.Bhg. Dato’ Rumaizi Bin Baharin to visit the mother-daughter pair, also offered employment as security personnel to Suganthi.

R. Suganthi (L) alongside Y.Bhg. Dato' Rumaizi bin Baharin
R. Suganthi (L) alongside Y.Bhg. Dato’ Rumaizi Bin Baharin

Meanwhile, Dato’ Rumaizi pledged to identify a council flat for the family, so that they could live comfortably in their own place. Since early this year, they have been staying with a friend’s grandmother at a flat. They previously rented a house in Gunung Rapat but were forced to vacate because of their inability to pay the rent and utility bills.

Suganthi suffers from a slipped disc. She was unable to continue with her job as a security guard and stopped working following an accident in 2014. Her daughter, a former nurse, was also involved in an accident in 2011. Due to the effects of her broken hip, she can’t stand or sit for long hours.

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